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Need Help?

Are you a mum, family member, whānau, caregiver or social worker who needs information about how imprisoned mothers can try to stay connected with their kids?
Our Mothers Project team might be able to help.
How we can help

When a mother goes to prison, depending on why she’s there, it’s important that she trys to stay connected with her children even though prison walls separate them.

We have a team of lawyers who all volunteer their time to visit mothers in every women’s prison in New Zealand every month to help mothers as appropriate to understand where their kids are, who is taking care of them, facilitate visits, keep in contact with them and understand what their responsibilities and rights are with their children.

While they’re in prison, there are different ways we can help mothers as appropriate to:

Know who is taking care of her children and keep in regular contact with them  

Make phone calls and write letters to their children

Arrange their children to visit in prison

Work with Oranga Tamariki

Understand their rights to child support payments

Understand the family court process and help her through this

Figure out what to do about maternity care if she’s pregnant or has a baby while she’s in prison

Apply for protection orders to protect her children

Understand what it means if there’s a protection order against her

Our volunteer lawyers visit the prisons and meet with the mothers at no cost.  You can contact us here to find out if we can help.

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